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New online show PRIDE part of our Gend-ity platform.

Gend-ity is an online platform created in May 2022 for the International Women's Day by Art House Project London aiming to promote gender equality through art.

We felt our task fostering inclusion and tolerance moving away from traditional gender-norms through art should continue, so we made Gend-ity a permanent platform.


This month we will be showcasing artists and art events raising awareness of LGBTQ+ rights in our web and social media.

In this show you will see a very alternative way of celebrating Pride through protest posters and street art. Feel free to contact artists to inquire and support them purchasing their work.

Visit our show at



"Pride" video by Mouseonthetelly Video Art with a mix by Ekay Dub celebrating pride with music and video/images on the history of LGBTQ+ rights.

This mural by Allotmentz N11 by Apparan is the first of a series that we will be publishing here celebrating Pride 2022 and gender diversity.

It is called "One Love, is One Love" reminiscing the well-known moto pro LGBTQ+ rights "Love is Love".

"I FELT THAT - the exhibition!"
📍 @thetub__hackney
🔜 Thursday 30 June - 3rd July
⚡️PV: 6pm, 30 June with performance by @weeeekdu (NOT to be missed!)

For the past 3 months, these thirteen amazing artists and I have been meeting for weekly workshops dedicated to articulating the complex language of ‘gendered pain’.

I Felt That’s aim is to elevate the voices that have for so long been marginalised by medical institutions and to facilitate vital conversations around gendered illness and pain. The project has focuses on acts of collective acts of caring, thinking and expressing feelings about pain, specifically from the point of view of women.

Please join us on the 30th of June to see a physical exhibition detailing the many paintings, sculptures, installations and performances created in response to our meetings and workshops.

This topic is incredibly powerful, and these artists all approach it through unique and different lenses. Drawing from wide ranging inspirations, including 19th century anatomical drawings, the contemporary and historical demonisation of psychosis as well as ceremonial acts, no two responses are the same.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an interview series with me and each artist, as well as an opportunity to pre-order I FELT THAT x ACHE MAGAZINE (@helloachemagazine more information to follow), which will feature writings, poems and essays as well as further documentation of the project.

I want to extend my huge gratitude to all those who have made this project possible, most importantly the thirteen participating artists, whose intelligence, curiosity and talent has been incredible to work with.




"Degender Fashion"

Project by Vision0x11

The "Degender Fashion" is a collaborative project between street artists Visionox11 and Yaya.

It is a call for the fashion industry to reform itself and the society as it plays a massive role in shaping into a safe and inclusive place for all.


Street art project by


All about the prolific pasteup project by SOCIAL SNIPER spreading messages against patriarchy and misogyny.

Female Street Artists Interviews Series

Series of interviews carried out by street artist Apparan, art director in Art House Project, for La Tundra Magazine during lockdown to 6 Spanish speaking street artists from different parts of the world offering an insight to street art from a female perspective.

"Gend-ity" Mural Project

by Sweetheartstreetart and SZHDArt

First mural dedicated to our Gend-ity Online Platform has been painted by artists Sweetheartstreetart and SZHDArt in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Have a look at this beautiful project involving local artists and community. 

"The Light Inside" Mar's Gend-ity Residency in Iceland

We are following artist Mar artistic journey during her residence in Iceland this month where she is exploring nature and the magic of lights on our souls and make us strong as women and human being.

Follow her journey in the link below. 



"PRIDE" online show



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